Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hair... Hare.... Hurr

So the wedding bug has taken permanent residence in my heart, soul, mind etc. Everyday I have a new obsession on what I want to plan or get ideas for. I ended up starting a wedding notebook in which I have been putting down the information I find for things I search or just happen to stumble upon.

Friday (when I first was a hair search day. No clue why, just felt like something fun to look up. Ohh the possibilities. I have found so many different ideas for styles for how I like my hair. As pretty as my hair is down, I hate when it is loose and in my face. Thankfully, I found a bunch of awesome styles for half updo's! Since I am documenting most of my starter ideas about the wedding planning, I figured I would add some of the photos here and describe what i do and don't like about them.

Out of all the photos I was looking at, this was the only picture of a blonde that resembled anything close to what I would like. I love the volume of her hair and how it is pulled off of the face, and honestly I wish my hair would have been something like this for MJ's wedding. For my own wedding day I would want more defined curl with volume. To me, it looks somewhat ratty. I also do not like how flat it is in the pulled back section on the crown. Middle parts aren't me at all so I would probably go for something parted on the side or have a little of a bouffant type thing. Another downside for this one is that veil options seem a little limited. Maybe a birdcage?

Throughout out my leisurely search, I have read that many hair stylists suggest that brides reference "celeb" hairstyles to find the perfect style for their wedding day. One person I have always loved their hair has been Zooey Deschanel. She is quirky, unique and downright beautiful! Our hairstyles are similar; she is just a lot more fabulous than I.

I have tried bangs previously, so I don't know if I would go for full face bangs like hers, but it is a possibility. I like this one better because it would be easier to wear a full veil, not just the birdcage style/fascinator. I like that my hair curls naturally in a way that looks similar to this photo. It is a styling that looks like it could be a cousin to the styles I normally do my hair. Although it is beautiful in a simple way, it maybe be too simple for a wedding.

So far, I think what would look awesome and be a great mix for the picture that is setting up in my mind is a mixture of a few looks.

All three of these have recurring elements that I really think are awesome. All three are different "themes". The first is a little more romantic. I love the messy bun and the visible curls in the pulled back section of hair. I like the height of the second photo, It also has a latin-y feel to it which would tie in well with the rustic Spanish ambiance of the venue we would prefer. The third photo, (the one on the right), is my absolute favorite. It is somewhat Grecian, but it looks the most natural. If I could get my hair that long, I would be beyond thrilled! Hopefully, my mind is still in the same place as time continues! Also, if it is, I hope I can find an affordable stylist to achieve the look I am going for.

Thanks for reading all my slow plans. I apologize to those that are here for food related stuff. I promise to have more foodie posts soon! Also, I want to share with the world how great my friends are! Heather sent BK and I a personalized photo book she made with Shutterfly! I hope to get a few photos of it soon, but it is so amazing, I just had to share with everyone. It ranges from wedding planning tips, to guest list to vendor lists. All decorated with pictures of us in it. It is so cute and I cried. It is officially our first real wedding present!! Heather, I can't thank you enough!

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