Thursday, September 2, 2010

Slow Start

I am slowly building on my etsy shop everyday. This past week has been busy on multiple fronts. I started two different projects. And I am at the halfway point on one and finished with the other. This was huge for as I started my second to last semester of my undergraduate degree This week has really proved that if I can mange my time properly, I can really crank out some work whether it be school work, a real job, or etsy work. Unfortunately, everything I have done thus far has been for loved ones and not profit.

The one project I did finish was a gift basket for one of BK's "sisters". She recently had a little girl and BK never picked anything out as a gift for his new "niece". In effort to get my etsy project name out there I designed a gift basket and monogram for her. The basket was just made up of a few essentials I saw were missing from her registry and some fun stuff as well, including a washcloth baby. I am hoping these gifts can help spread the word!

I designed and painted a flat 9 inch letter K for BK's niece. I first started with a little bit of sanding, and a few base coats of light orange. Then I used a sponging technique for the magenta that is on the top layer. This helped the paint hold on the smooth surface. Lastly I touched up the trim of the letters with the same light orange as the base color. As a finishing touch, the flower was added as a little embellishment. I was going to add ribbon but the 9 inch letters come with bracket/nail holes for mounting.

The second project I got started on was the project idea that really jump started this whole venture! A set of 4 3/4 in letters for Ms. Elly Johnson! (She will be welcomed into the world sometime between October and November. I can't wait!) I will not get into too much detail yet because I want the final product to be a surprise for her parents. Basically, I started out by sanding all of these letters as well, and getting the base colors painted on and starting on the added pattern. We also finished the last minute detail shopping for this particular project.

In effort to get the ball rolling on the whole thing I have been working on two other ideas. First, I created tags to be added to each set of letters, whether they be on gifts or items sold. The top one will be the front of the tag and the bottom will be the back with my contact information for both the etsy shop and the email for orders outside of etsy. Secondly, I added a gift certificate function. A lot people out there thought these would great gift ideas. At the same time, most people do not know what the expectant mother wants the decor of the baby's nursery to be. Sometimes the expectant mother doesn't even find out the sex of the baby until it is born. For these cases, a gift certificate is perfect! They are made directly with Paypal and are only redeemable with me and my shop. There is a button on the blog sidebar to your right for ordering or they located at this link. I will also be adding a post later to explain how these G.C.'s work! And also, on the sidebar to your right (look over to your right) you will see that I put in an "etsy mini" over there as well. It is an easy link to my shop as well as a showcasing gadget. As you can see, I am very excited for this!

It is getting pretty late, so I will end this post here. I just want to say thanks to everyone for the continued support and encouragement!

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