Thursday, September 9, 2010


I feel so bad that I have been somewhat slacking in the posting department. Life has been a little crazy. I successfully had two meals in my Tita Celia's honor. Last Thursday, we did have pizza! I cheated and had Mnt Dew. Not the same thing as Pepsi, but technically a Pepsi Co. product. Soon, I think I will be venturing into some of her other recipes.

My cooking ventures have been sparse lately. I am not home during the day to be bored and scouring for new adventures. Also, school supplies are not cheap! We also hosted a bbq that took a better chunk of our grocery funds. It was worth it though. We had plenty of leftover meats and drinks. A lot of our leftover beers have gone towards beer brats. I am thinking of coming up with some sort of way of using the cheap hamburger for something interesting and nutritious! I am also planning some pepper dishes in the future since the season is upon us.

I am still anxiously awaiting first orders through etsy! In the mean time, I have coming up with awesome ideas for things to start. I just need the resources, namely a sewing machine. Thankfully, I have someone 100% deserving that I can give all my "prototypes" to. Once I get a little bit more money, and a package I have been waiting on, I have a few things up my sleeves that will all be part of The Elly Collection! I am excited thinking about it all. Now, I just need to focus on finishing the set of letters! I have reached a creative roadblock.

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Heather said...

SQUEE! I may have shouted a little excited cheer when I read "Elly collection"... just thinking about her makes me sooo excited :) I'm also excited to see what all this collection includes.

Ditto on the sewing machine... a needle and thread can only get me so far on things :P

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