Friday, September 10, 2010

Noshing on Nachos Ep 1

Last night was the opening night of the regular NFL season. BK and I are both BIG American Football fans and we were both excited for this game. For the game we headed over to Granny's Closet for a few different reasons.

First, they have a lot of Tv's in their bar area. Enough to have a view of the big game every way you look. Secondly, on Thursday nights, their bar menu is $7 and they have Happy Hour every night 4-7pm with $2 beer and $4 appetizers. It was a great opportunity to start my Nacho experiment!

Their menu listing for their nachos is as follows:
"A pile of corn chips topped with beans, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, olives and cheese. Served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Chicken or Beef an additional $2"
Let's just be honest here, I was disappointed. The nachos which are usually $9 without meat and $11 with. Because it was Thursday we got nachos with ground beef for only $9. I am gonna break this down piece by piece of the menu listing.

The presentation was very deceiving. The bring it out on a flat pizza style pan and looked to be a 6 inch tall pile of chips and goodness with all the salsa, mediocre at that, and guacamole on the side. We weren't given any sour cream and by the time the waitress came around we were a good way through the pile. Upon further inspection, that 6 inch pile was mainly attributed to the bowl of unseasoned pinto beans under a few layers of chips and cheese. Some of that height was also due to the fact that the dried out ground beef looked like it was just ladled over the top of the whole pile.

The topping to chip ratio was off. We got a better of the way through it and there were no chips left, and plenty of poorly seasoned ground beef and random toppings. The whole thing felt like it sat under a heat lamp for at least 10 minutes. The tomatoes were soggy and mushy. The jalapeno slices were think but limp and shriveled. Black olives were the most dominant force on the plate. They were shriveled and unappealing as well.

The bring a little bit of positive into this, as a whole they were okay nachos. The best single factor of the whole thing. It was a good melting cheese. It was gooey but not rubbery when it started to cool off. It was flavorful and held everything together. The cheese blend definitely amped up the other things on the nachos. I just wish there was a way to cover the horrible ground beef.

Overall, for $9 the serving size was good but I would not order the same thing for $11. Quality of the food and service almost makes it not worth it. From now on, if we ever go back, we will only get the nachos on Thursday night with chicken. These were definitely not the worst nachos I have ever had, but not the best in Flagstaff by any means.

The hunt for "The Best Nachos in Flagstaff" continues!

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