Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So I have made a few advancements in my Nine14 Design venture. First and foremost, I have created a blog specifically for Nine14 Design. This blog will be an outlet for those who do not know me, to see what I have made in the past, and read about my process. Because almost all of my items right now are based on real life babies and inspirations, the blog gives me a place to go in depth on the story behind the creative project. I can also post news, updates, changes, and other fun stuff pertaining to the Nine14 Design shops.

Yes, that is right! I said shops. I have created an artfire.com shop. It is better for me to sell there before I have a following. It is free to post listings and there are no transaction charges, unlike etsy. I love etsy, but I need to start somewhere and I think it will be easier to show a lot of my items and show what I can offer using artfire.

Even though I have created a new blog, do not fear I will not be abandoning this blog. I still have plenty of ideas for my own home, and I will never stop cooking. Plus, this is an outlet for my ventures. I don't want to advertise something that may fail on me.

In other news, I am in the process of designing my Christmas Greetings cards for this holiday season. I am also working on ready to ship items including a "love" wall hanging, some autumn hair clips, newborn mittens and burp cloths.

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