Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spreading the Word!

Let's just be frank, I am broke! No one is hiring me. I am either over qualified or way under qualified or the pay is not enough compensation for the tasks I would be required to do. Normally, I am not too picky on wages, but a LAWYER was looking for childcare for 3 children for a whopping $6/hour. I barely want to sit the 4 year old for $7! And if I hadn't been working for them for 2.5 years already, I wouldn't sit for them for that little. No way am I sitting three kids for less.

On top of that, getting my name out there is proving harder than I thought. Although there are not many people selling the same things as me, I still haven't had any sales through etsy.com. I have views on my items, but no interest. I think part of it may be the fact that I have no feedback. I was thinking of maybe setting up another blog specifically for the Nine14 Design products. I would still talk about the crafting process here, but I would open specific posts for feedback for items I have gifted. It would also show a more in depth procedure to how I am creating things.

My second thought is opening an artfire.com shop as well. They do not charge listing fees like etsy does but they are newer and lesser known. I am also considering adding ready to sell items to my shop. That way it is easier to see what they are getting instantly.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Feel free to let me know!

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Heather said...

I know the feeling on being broke, not fun at all :( Also, $6/hour for THREE kids? No thanks.

I tried leaving feedback on your site, but apparently I have to buy something first? So it didn't work out. I think a blog would be an excellent idea to get feedback, people who you have gifted stuff to can take pictures of the finished product in place and write a review about it! or maybe I am just obsessed with blogs... :)

I have never heard of artfire, but I guess if it's free then it wouldn't hurt to try and find more potential buyers? Also, from a buyers perspective I love the idea of ready to sell items, even though custom design orders are awesome as well. But with custom design you never know how long the order will take or how the finished product will look (especially since you don't have feedback or anything yet) With ready made stuff they can see what they are getting, and you can get it in the mail right away! Just my thoughts anyway :)

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