Monday, July 19, 2010

Salsa Brava

Do you like Mexican food? I do. I love Mexican food. Growing up in California, I have had a bunch of Mexican food in my lifetime. A LOT! Coming to Flagstaff, I was worried about finding somewhere that would be up to par. One day a friend took me to this Mexican restaurant during a blizzard, clear out on the other side of town.

This place... Salsa Brava. If any you out there watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network, you might recognize the name. The naysayers bring up the point "TV shows pick bad food places all the time". Not this show. Every place that Guy Fieri has been, that I have also been, have been some of the best establishments. This fact alone should be enough to sway people to at least try Salsa Brava!

My absolute favorite thing about Salsa Brava is their salsa bar! They have at least five salsas on hand at all times, and they are all different. My favorite is the Pineapple Habanero. It is sweet and tangy from the pineapple, but has a warm kick from the pepper. It sounds hot, but it isn't too spicy. It is pretty mellow. They also have a range of different tomato based (red) salsas that go from mild to hot. Honestly, no matter what your capsaicin tolerance is, there is something for you.

The price is great for the amount of food you get. If you know anything about Mexican food, you know what to expect for the price you pay. BK and I went yesterday for lunch. We got a plate of Baja Taco's and Chicken Quesadilla both with rice and beans. To top it all off there was the endless, free chips and salsa. Including drinks, we payed less than $20. For good Mexican, that is a steal. Now if you go for dinner, it will be a little bit more expensive, but only by a few dollars, if you get the same exact thing we did.

Now that I have started this blog and my reviews, everywhere we go, I try to taste some of everything that is ordered. This was BK's first time there and my.... 10th time. He ordered the Baja Tacos, something I haven't had yet, which comes with your typical battered white fish. This fish was not as mild as normal, but it was still good. The tacos were made with steamed corn tortillas, with red cabbage, mild salsa and jalapeno tartar sauce. The tartar sauce was interesting. It wasn't the typical white sauce you get with a fish taco. It added a hit of spice without being overwhelming.

I ordered the Chicken Quesadilla plate. It is a good standby when you really can't decide. The quesadilla is stuffed with cheddar and jack cheese and some of the juiciest and tender chicken. The tortilla was soft but crisp. A lot of times, restaurant quesadillas are too crispy, and the tortilla is like a shell that breaks and cheese oozes out everywhere. A lot of restaurant quesadillas NEED the sour cream and guacamole to make them taste better and come at an extra charge. Not this one. The cheese acted like the perfect glue to keep the chicken and tortilla all together. The tortilla had crunch, but was still soft and flavorful at the same time. It was so good. I didnt even need the sour cream or guacamole which were provided free of charge.

These were just the things we got this time. I have gotten several other things there over time. I have never had any complaint about the food. All for a good price too. If this place sounds good to you, but you are interested in the other options prior to going, their lunch and dinner menus are available online at their website which is above.

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Heather said...

I love Diner's, Drive In's and Dives, but I have never seen this episode! I'm sure that will change since I have cable now and the food network is on at least 5 hours a day... :X hehe

I also love mexican food! Unfortunately I hardly ever get a chance to get good mexican because I am allergic to onions and almost every dish has them in it in some way.. especially salsa, so I cannot enjoy it's goodness which kills me because I think I would love it as I am already obsessed with queso.

That said, I would still love to try this place if I ever make it out that way ;)

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