Saturday, July 17, 2010

Adventures in Macyland pt 2

I can't believe it has a month since the last Macy's post. I never thought I would say this, but today I was thoroughly disappointed with Macy's. I ordered an old standby, the biscuits and gravy. It was so watery. All the flavors were there but it was not rich and creamy like normal. Overall, the dish was completely blah because it was watery. I am let down. On the bright side the crappy biscuits and gravy were way better than those at alot of other places in town.

I did find a new treasure. Macy's sells a honey sweetened lemonade. It is great. You really have to love lemon and honey to enjoy this one though. The best thing is that a large is only $1.56 including tax! The honey give it a great zing to it and really sets it apart from every other lemonade out there. It is also a great summer drink. I wish they had an extra large size!

Our other trips throughout the month have been pretty good. We tried the Mediterranean Salad. It was really good. The rest of our trips have been our old favorites. Nothing really new to report other than the crappy ass biscuits and gravy.

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