Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apple Brown Betty

So after posting my initial jewelry entry, I had overwhelming response over the Apple Brown Betty necklace from All Things Tinsel on The shop owner creates all the pieces using vintage materials. Everything on her site is just absolutely beautiful!

This specific piece has soft antique golden grosgrain ribbon woven with roughly 5 different kinds of chain including, double link bronze, gold bar, dainty gold and dainty copper curb chain. This twisted mess of chains and ribbon is adorned with pearls of all different sizes and glass beads. This whole thing is finished off with a rhinestone brooch.

At first, I was a little apprehensive about it. All these twisted/cluster pieces are becoming really popular but a lot of them just look poorly put together. I didn't want to pay out the money for a piece that was gaudy. On top of it all, I am very simplistic person. My jewelry from day to day mainly consists of a diamond and silver band my mom gave me. Very rarely, I will throw on a pair of earrings too.

So all of these layered chains, wrapped in ribbon and embellished with beads and pearls was pushing my limit. There was just something about it that really was peeking my interest. Something just pulling at me. But not just me, MJ and her mother but loved it too! So I gave in to buying it, and Mama Shari decided she wanted to purchase it for me (thanks a million!!). A few days later, whether it be anxiety or excitement, I had a weird pit in my stomach over the necklace. I checked with the seller and the address was wrong on the package. And the necklace was on its way to Texas!

This delay led me to think a million different things before actually getting to see it! First, I was thinking that it was a sign. The necklace was getting delivered to someone else because it wasn't the right thing for me. Then from there, I started thinking all sorts of things. In a matter of five days, i had worked myself into a frenzy over this dang thing. Then it arrived.

I opened the mailbox and my heart skipped a beat. This was it. I opened the package, untied the ribbon and unfolded the tissue paper holding the necklace. The weight of it allowed the whole necklace just slip from the last tissue paper fold and I was left with this amazing golden piece of art in my hands. I don't know if it was the anticipation of the delivery or the anxiety and fear of it not being right, but it was like I was floating upon looking at it. I had flutters. I was jumping inside.

This necklace is absolutely one of the prettiest things I have seen! It was what love at first sight probably feels like. The colors and adornments just meld together and give off this warm, golden, luxurious aura to it. I hope I feel this in love over something at first sight when my children are born!

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