Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Win

It has been a few days since I posted last so there are a few things to talk about. Sunday we went to the Farmer's Market again. We spent a good amount, but no more than $20. We only got $3 worth of tomatoes this time which included green tomatoes. One of these days I am going to muster up the courage to buy some heirlooms and make Fried Green Tomatoes! We also grabbed some zucchini and summer squash, a bulb of garlic and some RisingHy Habanero Citrus salt. And of course, we supported the neighbors and bought some more of Shark's juice. BK had the pink lemonade which was made with ruby red grapefruit and lemons. It was great! As are the other too. He really has a talent. I hope he can go where he wants to with his juices.

The zucchini was cheap for a great quality. And the garlic was great. Most commercial garlic feels rubbery and is hard to peel. It also is hard to find perfect. 90% of the time, the garlic is already growing shoots! The garlic from FFM was amazing. It was some of the best garlic I have ever tasted. I used it to make chicken makhani again. The garlic flavor that came out was great.

As we were getting ready to leave we passed a booth selling sauces. We had seen these RisingHy sauces the previous day while walking downtown. The label was what really caught our attention. Then we got to try some at the FFM. The guy was so amped to have people try his product. He was even more excited that we saw the stuff in stores and took notice. First we got to try the Habanero Honey Mustard. I LOVE IT! It is not too spicy, and has the right amount of tang! The next thing he had us try was Habanero Olive Oil. Man, that was the kicker. It was SPICY. You could taste the flavor of the pepper, not just the heat, and not just the oil. The guy also had Hucking Hot Sauce. That supposedly was the hottest of them all. I didnt try it, my lips were burning already. He did let us get something new he is working on. It was Habanero Citrus Salt. It was great! We bought it and BK used it in burgers later that night, but it wasn't very noticeable. So maybe next time we will put more. I think us buying things made him go "goo" inside.

Tonight, I will be making Zucchini Fritters for dinner. This will be my first attempt at conditioning BK into liking squash. I figured something cheesy and fried will be great to introduce squash into his diet! I will post the recipe later on. As I previously mentioned, earlier this week I made Chicken Makhani again. It was okay. I am still doing some tweeking. The fresh garlic really picked it up. I also tried heavy cream instead of yogurt. The zing of the Greek yogurt was missing :(

We also have a new plant baby. I haven't named it yet. It is some kind of house plant that looks bamboo or palm like. Someone was just giving it away for free. It was left out on a curb. I have officially become a safe haven for unwanted and unloved plants. Its like a plant orphanage meets rehab. In other plant news, my tomatoes have 2 blossoms! Here's to hoping they get fruit!

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