Saturday, July 10, 2010

A New Project

So the curtain situation has been looming since moving into the new place. The biggest hurdle has been the disjointed, uneven and thrown together windows in our office. Of the five there, only two match. They also huge. So if you are on the front porch you can see straight into the house. When Port was here, that is how our landlady knew. She came in and looked through the windows. I plan on going on trips and I don't want creepers coming up on my deck and scamming what I have.

But this broke college girl, doesn't have all the money to spend on curtains for the whole area when the windows are all different sizes. Also during the evening, the sun sets through those windows and lights up the whole house. I don't want to block all that light but I want privacy. Call me a nudist, but I want to be able to not worry about who may be on my porch when I get out of the shower. I don't want to have to carry a pile of clothes into the bathroom and carry another pile of clothes out of the bathroom.

I recently found a solution to the problem. I have always loved those old fashioned folded dressing/privacy screens. I have never seen them for less than $200 each. I cannot justify
spending that much money. Well, while shopping here in town, I noticed the shopkeepers had made some room dividers of similar look from smaller door frames and old doors. This idea seems perfect to accomplish privacy without compromising the light source.

So after looking at a building supply/salvage warehouse, I found wooden frame that inserts on
a glass door to create a look a grid of "muntins". Its pretty much inserted to create a false look of wooden holders for panes of glass. Anyways, for $15 I got three of these frames. They are lightweight and would be perfect for this project. The next thing is to find hinges for the screens. To fill in the open space, I am thinking about using sheets of handmade paper, or some other kind of decorative paper. I am really excited about this project!! And if it goes well I may even make more!

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