Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tucson Tamale Company pt 2

I took a few days off from posting because I had an ingrown fingernail and it hurt. I have never had an ingrown toenail, and I know they occur from ill-fitting toes and rubbing. But a fingernail? Really? I have been soaking it, and trimming the edge that is digging in. So I am gonna start out with a quick review.

Roughly two weeks ago I posted about the Green Corn tamales from the Tucson Tamale Company located in Tucson, Az. Monday night we decided to have the San Carlos tamales. This one had red pepper masa, shrimp, roasted corn, tomatoes, cilantro and spices.

Despite how wonderful they looked, this, honestly, was not my favorite of the two. I really thought it was lacking in flavor. All the expected flavors were there, but they did not meld together or excite me. The masa was delicious. It was soft, moist and flavorful. The filling wasn't my cup of tea. If I had to pick between the two, I would definitely suggest the Green Corn. San Carlos you are not my friend :P

The website has a bunch of other flavors listed, so if I end up ordering more it will most likely be something without too much meat in it. Sometimes you just gotta kiss it. Keep It Simple Stupid!

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