Monday, June 28, 2010

Clarity and Things to Come

Recently, someone made the comment that I never write a negative review about the places I eat. I supposedly claim that everywhere is great. My response is similar to that of Anton Ego from Ratatouille. In the Disney/Pixar movie about French cuisine, the food critic says "I do not like food, I LOVE it. If I don't love it, I don't swallow!" My view isn't as great as that, but I am a broke college student. I do not have the time or money to be wasting on bad food. All the places I choose to eat and then write about are places that several others have recommended to me.

I have plenty of places that I dislike based on different reasons, ie poor service, terrible food, ridiculous prices. My waitstaff standards are a lot higher having worked in food before, so I don't want to misrepresent somewhere based on waitstaff alone. Plus, I try to use my time to give detailed reviews of the good stuff. I realize some of them are not as detailed on the actual ingredients and flavors. Sometimes, it is hard to remember every little detail hours or days after I experience them. I am thinking of looking into a small reporter style notebook to take with me. Something like this maybe, or something with a pretty cover like this. But if you want them bad reviews, I will give them to you!

Now that I have all that out, I am really getting into putting my recipes up here. Not just the sharing aspect, but the fact that I am writing it all down in a place that will be easy to find ( as long as the internet is still around) when it comes time for me to pass these recipes on to my children, especially the ones that have been passed down from my mother's great grandparents. Some of their recipes come from even further than that. It kinda makes me warm and tingly about it when I think about it.

Lately, I have been thinking about other things I want to do and new hobbies. I have a few ideas for little mini series within the blog. First, is based on a challenge of sorts. This weekend I tried my fourth different type of Flagstaff! So I am gonna go through and do a comparative study of all the different kinds of nachos here. The second idea is more about tips. I was asked a few times how I cut the broccoli for the pasta since you can't really tell the broccoli was really there. So I figured I would start sharing some of my tips and techniques on how I prepare my food, complete with pictures and maybe even video!

I have also decided that sometime in my life, I want to start making my own pastas! From Agnolotti to Ziti and everything in between. I just want to try it all. I am also thinking about trying my hand at breads. Mind you, these are long term goals!

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Heather said...

YAY! I have also been wanting to experiment with making my own pastas and bread, because lord knows we go through enough of both in this house ;). We can share tips and ideas and recipes once we both actually start doing it and trying different things!

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