Monday, May 21, 2018

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getting back into the swing of things after a busy few months and an especially busy couple of weeks. 
celebrating Tiny Krueger being not so tiny anymore. Teddy turned three earlier this week and the weekend prior we had a small barbecue in his honor. 
eating all the party leftovers.
making small adjustments to our daily routines as we head into the busy part of the summer season. 
loving that the structure leads to most days being pretty predictable.
reading Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan's Always Enough, Never Too Much devotional. I have been struggling with my faith and feeling like I do not fit in with the church congregation we have chosen to fellowship with the last two years. It is hard to feel like you belong when most of the people in the community are in vastly different  phases of life. This amazing devotional has been helping bridge that gap. 
trying to get back to spending my mornings in the word. 
looking for a daily devotional. Do you have one you love?  
spending more time outside as the days get warmer and longer.
enjoying the return of our summer sunsets.  
replanting most of the vegetables and flowers we planted in April. After fairly mild winter, we felt it was safe to get our garden all set up. Then we were hit with an early May cold snap, snow, and frost. Almost everything was nuked.
working on finally getting those patio chairs redone. I have a plan and now I am searching for all of the correct materials. 
thinking about all the other goals and plans I want to make for this summer. Every spring I make our "Summer List" and every fall I am glad I did. I feel like writing out a solid list of plans, intentions, and goals helps to answer the typical "what do you want to do today?" question and guide us to fill in free days.
cooking my way through my 52 recipes for the year. My current count is about 15 recipes. I am about five recipes behind the overall schedule for the goal and I have seven or eight recipes I need to post here. 
spending evenings and random moments throughout the day in front of the laptop, writing posts, editing photos while podcasts play in the background.  
listening to all the podcasts again. This, this, and this are the top of my list right now but I rotate through about a dozen others. Clearly I am into True Crime. 
feeling like time just keeps speeding up. 
watching the kids hit all sorts of milestones. Eliza is crawling and trying to get into all sorts of trouble already.
doing my best to keep up. 

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