Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Quoted November 2016 | Days 11 - 30

Today I am back with the last of the November Quoted challenge with Onica Hanby. My quotes for 11 to 20 were going to go live the week of Thanksgiving but for whatever reason, did not. So I am just adding the two posts together and finally getting them posted. I still haven't decided what I am going to do with them all. However, this was a really fun "challenge" and I could see doing more of these if I went the Traveler's Notebook route (which I have been considering).
This set is very similar to the first. Lots of Seafoam Core Kit journaling and filler cards, and Smash Pad sheets. I also added in a few 2x4 cards that are from a WRMK Albums Made Easy pad. I used a mixture of different writing utensils including Sharpies, Zig writers, ball point pens, and EKS metallic pens.
Nov 11 Veteran / Nov 12 Family / Nov 13 Crisp / Nov 14 Grateful

Nov 15 Treat / Nov 16 Friends / Nov 17 Pinecone / Nov 18 Chilly

Nov 19 Space / Nov 20 Gather / Nov 21 Voyage / Nov 22 Frost
For day 19, the original prompt was Spice but for some reason when I was writing out all the prompts, I wrote Space instead so I just went with it. 

Nov 23 Feast / Nov 24 Thanksgiving / Nov 25 Bountiful / Nov 26 Delicious

Nov 27 Blessed / Nov 28 Fall / Nov 29 Tradition / Nov 30 Abundance

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