Monday, December 19, 2016

December | Currently

getting into the "Christmas Spirit" much slower this year
celebrating this month with small traditions
drinking to all the Christmas music
building cookie trains 
watching all the Christmas Specials, especially Charlie Brown
listening to all the Christmas music
loving that Teddy is slowly starting to understand the season and that he was in love with this Santa
taking it one day at a time as this December has been marked by tiny little messes and toddler antics 
cleaning eyeliner (crayon, pencil, mascara) stars off the tile floors (bedroom walls, kitchen cabinets, etc) - you get the picture
trying to appreciate all these things as signs of his growing development and curiosity
seeing in him all kinds of traits from various people in our family and finding it fascinating
in awe of his ever increasing vocabulary
discovering that 18 months can be the most challenging but also the most rewarding
being really thankful that Berkeley has not been laid off for the season yet
reading Jesus Calling and loving it
making Ugly Christmas Sweaters
heading to California again in a couple days to celebrate the holidays with family
baking holiday cookies and cooking family recipes
enjoying this season of life 

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