Thursday, November 3, 2016

Around the Farm August to October

Whew! The dust is finally settling after all that travel. We are slowly getting back into our home routine. While we are settling back in, I wanted to share a few photos from our trip.
Doing chores with Papa
Tomato Bandit
Sunset at the Lake
Hey Ma! Look! I climbed up on this Vroom Vroom all by myself!
First birthday with my family in 11 years and they all disappear.
Watching dirtbike videos with Uncle
Feeding farm animals
Riggins Baby Gender Reveal
Celebrating my Great Grandfather's 95th and his sister's 96th birthdays.
Five generations in one photo but we are missing at least 10 other people! 
Like I mentioned in a previous post, this trip was originally supposed to be 10 days so that we could go camping. Instead we were there a total of 50 days! While some days it was rough being away from home and Berkeley, I am really glad we were able to have this time with my family. There were so many special moments and events I got to experience and be part of while we were there. I am so thankful!

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