Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Summer Vacation

Also: How to make a 10 day trip last 8 weeks!

Back in August, I thought Teddy and I would make a quick, spur of the moment trip to visit family in California while Berkeley was on a fire assignment. I know we had just had a trip and there was another trip for in October, plus the holidays. However, I figured why not go for a the week around the holiday weekend. The plan was to join my family for their annual Labor Day camping trip that we've been doing since I was Teddy's age.

We packed up the car and were trucking along smoothly. That was until about 40 miles from arriving at my parents home, when my car stopped working. My awesome younger brother came to look at it, and tried to read the computer codes. Nothing was making sense. We got it towed, and it sat for 3 weeks while a few different mechanics we know tried to figure out all the weird and inaccurate codes the computer was giving out. The car didn't even know what was wrong with itself! Finally, towards the end of September, they finally discovered that it was the fuel pump. The guys got the pump ordered and spent a Saturday afternoon getting it installed.

At this point most people head home after being away for a month. We didnt! In the middle of sorting out my car, my mom was expecting it would need to go to a proper repair shop so she planned a Disneyland trip for us. We got tickets for Mickey's Halloween Party (more info to come) and spent 4 of the hottest days of the month in the parks.

Now, I could have chosen to head back home from Disneyland. Initially, I was going to do just that with an overnight stay in Tucson to see Berke's parents. That didn't happen either. Between the additional fee for parking a second vehicle at the hotel and the fact that we needed to be back in California less than two weeks after getting home, we decided I would just stay and Berkeley would fly out for the things we had planned for our October trip.

We finally got back to our little house in the mountains a few days ago. We are slowly settling back in and getting back to a routine. In a few days, I plan on sharing a little look into what all Teddy and I did during our trip.

Also, I have a whole list of posts to finish and share that were meant to go up in the past 50+ days. I know I had starting posted process videos and blog posts about my sister's album. I still have all those posts ready, I just didn't have my laptop while we were gone. It was another hiccup in my spur of the moment trip planning! So stay tuned for that!

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