Thursday, July 14, 2016

July | Currently

settling in to our new small town life here in the woods
working on emptying the last of our boxes
hoping we finally get to plant more permanent roots
becoming part of our little community
chasing after our walking toddler
adoring his curiosity and his budding desire to learn
visiting the library weekly
watching in awe as he develops new skills daily
hosting visitors throughout the coming months
enjoying having down time at home
finishing a mini scrapbook album for my sister
starting a second one for the other sister
planning out new products for the winter "shop" opening
marking the calendar with upcoming craft fairs and markets
making progress on turning our yard space into something other than weeds and dirt
using the "hot method" to get our compost started 
looking forward to getting plants and seeds in the ground 
having a great summer
wishing you all a great summer as well

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