Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Five: Toys for the First Year

In honor of TinyKrueger's first birthday, I wanted to share some of our favorite kiddo products this past year. There are tons of mommy blogs out there with these kinds of lists but they all seem to be touting all the same books and all the same toys and products. Those toys/books/products don't always work for everyone (like us) so I wanted to offer a different list of items.

Last week, I shared our favorite board books, and this week it is toys. In a world of light and sound toys, I really appreciate basic toys that require more interaction and imagination. That being said, I did list two toys that are battery operated lights and music toys but these things that our little one was drawn to before the power was switched on.

Friday Five: Favorite Toys

Kiki Elephant Teether // This soft rubber "teether toy" was one of the first toys we received before Teddy was even born. It quickly become a favorite and is still something he plays with and "talks" to daily. He particularly likes to keep her with him during our long car rides.
Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy // The first of the two battery operated toys on this list had our little guy's attention from the moment we pulled it out of the box it was gifted to us in, before the lights and music started playing. Not only does Teddy like it, but with 3 different settings, I appreciate that it is a toy that can grow with him throughout various stages.
Bright Starts Lots of Links // I love links! Teddy loves links! We all love links!! Whether we use them in a long chain, or solo as something to chew on, these Links are so great. 
Skwish Classic Toy // This awesome shaped toy is advertised as a mix of a rattle and teether. The little guy loves squishing it, shaking it, and flinging it about.
Sit-to-Stand Walker // Second of the two battery operated toys listed. This walker was another instant hit! The gears and shapes on the front keep him busy while the music and barnyard sounds and music keep him entertained. He also is a fan of actually pushing it full speed down the tile hallway.

So that's it for toys we like! Check back next week for our list of longer, paged books that we like. Do you have any kiddo toys that you feel your little one was especially drawn to? 

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