Thursday, November 5, 2015

Around Here

Around here autumn has been shaping up to be one of the best yet. Teddy is just about 6 months and it has been the funnest age so far! He is moving all over the place between rolling and his little army crawl.

Around here Berkeley has reached the slow part of his work year which means he is getting home early allowing me all sorts of time for working on creative projects. Weekends are spent relaxing and slowly getting the odds and ends unpacked. Recently, we have become slightly addicted to playing Rummy.

Around here, Halloween is a big deal in the area, so we dressed Teddy up and braved the town-wide Trunk R Treat. The temperatures dropped suddenly so I gathered all the pieces for a handmade Hobbit costume. It was quite fun!

This has been such an awesome season for us, but I am looking forward to the magic of winter and the winter holidays.

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