Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Five | My New Mommy Essentials

We are 5 and a half months into this parenting gig and I wanted to share a few products that have been great for me. This list is secondary to all the typical post partum necessities of the first few weeks like peri bottles, witch hazel, etc. This is a list of five groups of things that have become essential to my new mommy life!

Friday Five: Mama Essentials

1//Find a Uniform - For the first two months I lived in a comfy black robe, nursing tanks, and comfy pants. I found what worked and then bought multiples. That "uniform" evolved into leggings, loose fitting v-necks and a cardigan when I ventured out. It was easy to grab, made nursing in public easy, and yet I still fit comfortable in my new "mom body".
2//Easy Beauty Products - Getting gussied up for day to day stuff has never been high on my list of things to do but when you have a baby, the time you have to spend on yourself goes down the toilet. I made sure to always have witch hazel face wipes, hair ties/headbands, and detangler handy. These three things made looking presentable for the onslaught of guests and leaving home during those early days so simple.
3//Fiber Choice Immunity Gummies - In addition to my daily vitamins and magnesium, I have added these gummies. Not only do they add a little bit of vitamin c, but they also help keep things a little more regular, if you know what I mean ;)
4//Stockpile of Snacks - I know my post-partum situation was a little different than most others being alone 10 days after the baby was born. For me, not having a second pair of hands meant that I often skipped eating. Having a small assortment of snacks and easy meals really helped. Even now, nursing sometimes has me feeling insatiably hungry so a quick snack between lunch and dinner is totally necessary.
5//Slow Cooker - When you first have a baby people are jumping at the chance to bring meals. Once baby gets a bit older, and in my opinion more needy, the meals taper off and that is where the slow cooker comes in! It is so easy to just throw stuff in and set it to cook. Even handier are the slow cooker liners that make clean up a breeze!

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