Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September | Currently

settling into our new home
finding a new normal as a family of three under one roof
adjusting to the quiet life in the country and all the new noises
waking to the community rooster daily
enjoying the views 
following the news closely
praying for our friends and family in Northern California
playing on the living room floor daily
having dozens on nonsensical conversations a day as the tiny one expands his "vocabulary" of noises and almost words
marveling at his growth, and him reaching milestones on time and ahead of schedule
embracing the idea that he will be mobile soon
celebrating birthdays, both annual (mine) and monthly (baby's)
thinking about when we should try for the next one
shaking my head in disbelief that I am already considering when to add to our family
emptying boxes upon boxes upon boxes
listening to podcasts almost every morning of the week
crossing things off our summer bucket list.
documenting life via instagram.  
cooking again
loving this season of our life

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