Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July | Currently

getting this.close to having a new home in the White Mountains 
feeling optimistic
wearing Teddy all over and he loves it
walking in the Fourth of July parade as a family with The Birth Center
breastfeeding while walking in the Fourth of July parade as a family with The Birth Center
snuggling the baby as much as possible
marveling at his growth
taking evening walks here and there
increasing (slowly) our distance each time 
prepping for the annual Parking Lot Sale
washing, folding, and pricing all sorts of clothing and bedding
sorting through 10 years worth of stuff I have accumulated
counting down the days until the three of us are under one roof (hopefully less than 30)
craving foods more intensely now than I ever did during pregnancy 
creating again 
reading again
tracking my steps again
looking forward to this next month and this season of change

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