Monday, January 12, 2015

So This is the New Year

The last few weeks have been a weird mixture of why I call the quiet storm. Our lives have been filled with doctor appointments, work, long car rides, and visitors. There have been crazy busy days and then really slow days. Easy days and challenging days. I am thinking this will be the pace for the year ahead. 

Every January, I pick a word to be like a guiding compass for the year ahead. In previous years, I have varied about how open I am with my word and how it is working in my life. For 2014 I picked GROW and my journey with it was a lot more private than past years. While I may not have accomplished all my intentions from last year, I did grow. I grew in more ways than I ever expected and I am really proud of that. I am especially glad of the most literal growth that has been taking place since August.

This year my word is NOURISH. Instead of writing a list of tasks to complete in the next 356 days, I have a few very specific things I want to work on throughout the whole year. First, I want to continue to nourish my body in a way that properly supports the next 16 or so weeks of my pregnancy so that I can have the healthiest labor and birth possible for us. I want to continue that well being throughout the coming year as a mother. I want to nourish our child, not only as an infant, but to instill healthy habits that are lasting.

Secondly, I am hoping to nourish my husband/wife relationship with Berkeley. While becoming parents is a huge deal and one of the best blessings, it is important to me that we don't let our identities as mama and daddy overshadow us as husband and wife. My goal is to nourish that relationship while also growing as parents. These are some pretty big goals but these are things I really want to make happen. I am hoping that making it public will make it happen due to accountability.

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