Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Five: Winter Essentials 2014-2015

Today, I am sharing some clothing items that have been awesome as we move into the windy, snowy, winter months. Although many of the items below were picked due to comfort during pregnancy, they are either not maternity items or have a common normal clothing version.
Friday Five: Winter Essentials 2014

  1.  Cotton V-Neck Tee - These are from Target and are a staple to my wardrobe both pre pregnancy and currently while pregnant. I love that they are roomy in the chest, breath easily, and come in a wide array of sizes and colors. They are also cheap! 
  2. Leggings - Winter leggings for the win! They can be layered with practically anything and add extra warmth and coverage for a lot of my fall outfits. 
  3. Wool Socks - Living in Flagstaff has made wool socks in my wardrobe necessary. They regulate temperature and wick moisture away leaving your toes perfect in summer and winter. They are super comfy too which is a big deal because I would live in flip flops if I could. 
  4. Fleece Hoodie - The one I love this time of year is a medium weight fleece zip-up that is a heather grey. I have been reaching for this one lastly as it just has not been cold enough for me to need the heavy winter jacket. The fleece gives a little bit of stretch to accommodate my body changes and provides just enough warmth that I am not overly hot or cold.
  5. Snow Boots - I finally broke down and bought a proper pair of snow boots. The plan is to continue working at Snowbowl throughout the holidays. With the snow and ice, I figured better safe than sorry. Much to my surprise, the pair of Sorel shown above are unbelievably comfortable! 

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