Friday, October 24, 2014

October | Currently

updating my Project Life album (posts soon).
starting Week in the Life today. 
embracing a new diet. 
working on new go to dinners. 
updating old recipes. 
reading this book.
buying all the materials for our DIY backyard fence.
making a quilted baby blanket. 
hoping to welcome another little one in our circle of friends in the next few days.
riding SkyRide at Arizona Snowbowl. 
loving this hat
watching the colors change as we move from summer to fall to winter. 
going to two weddings in two towns in less than 24 hours.
thinking we are slightly insane.
looking forward to relaxing in a huge hotel room bed.
slimming down my closet.
trying not to make unnecessary clothing purchases.
hunting for the perfect table.
dreaming of the upcoming holidays.

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