Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thoughts on Changing Passions and Sharing Them Here

I am pounding this out while listening to an incredibly affirming and inspiring episode of elise gets crafty podcast in which they talk about thinking productively about passions. This episode has completely resonated with so many things I have been feeling about this space. Starting around the 9 minute mark really hit the nail on the head for me. When I started this blog, I was so pumped out the newness of living in my first real apartment with Berkeley. I was enthused with real cooking in a real cooking as opposed to being a college kid cooking college foods in a communal kitchen.

While I still love food (obviously) and I still cook a lot of our meals during the week (obviously), the dynamic in our life has changed. I went from shacking up, to engaged and planning a wedding, to married and building a home. My passions and day to day activities and the amount of time I spend doing those things has changed a lot since when I first started sharing in this space. It is only natural that my perspective and the content that reflects my life would change as well.

I may not always be sharing recipes (I find typing them extremely tedious), I will always love food and I will always want to share my take on the food I love. On the same note, 100% of my time is not spent thinking, dreaming, making food. If that was my sole passion I would have gone to culinary school and tried to build a career as a chef. Other things make up my day, and our life.

I guess all these words were to say that I love writing and I love sharing my life here and as life changes so will the content here. Which I am sure I have mentioned this all here before but I really just had to get this out. Right here and Right now. Thanks for reading through all these jumbled thoughts.

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