Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kruegers Do Disc Golf

One thing we do pretty often is walk Downtown Flagstaff after eating somewhere down there. It is nice just to take a stroll a few blocks extra on the way back to the car. In the middle of June, we stopped at one of the local outdoors store to peruse. Somehow, we happened to walk out with two multi-use discs and a map for one of Flagstaff disc golf courses. And thus this adventure began!
The first day we headed out to the Thorpe Park course and we decided it would just be fun to see what happens. We also packed a few beers to add to the casual atmosphere of "a fun day activity". It was a warm Sunday before the monsoons hit. There were lots of people out and about and lots of trash. We even saw some abandoned pants and a stash of toilet paper. Despite all the riff raff, we had a great relaxing afternoon tossing plastic frisbees at metal baskets and strolling through the woods.
We had so much fun that we both looked up other courses in our area. Next on our list of courses was the course at McPherson Park. I think this is our favorite course thus far! We went late in the afternoon on a Sunday. This course is smaller and more compact, and it was a beautiful walk in the woods. Not to mention the area was a lot cleaner. Personally, this one was my favorite. The holes were all different. Some were short with interesting terrain and lots of "hazards" and others were very long, like the hole shown above. 
I am looking forward to adding the NAU and Snowbowl courses to our lists soon as well! One thing we are really intent on is keeping this as just a hobby. It makes getting through courses a little slower and using more throws than the average player but that element of relaxed fun is just what we need this summer.

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