Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July | Currently

celebrating the arrival of a friend's baby girl.
marveling at the sunsets we have been seeing.
loving how this summer is turning out.
getting more time with Berkeley now that severity is over.
puppysitting for a few weeks.
enjoying it immensely.
grilling now that fire restrictions have been lifted.
embracing new morning routines.
hoping for good news.
switching gears and priorities.
focusing on our plans and to-do lists instead of others.
moving forward with our backyard project.
designing our new kitchen table.
recuperating from a busy few weeks.
regaining my voice, literally and figuratively.
coping with a loss in our community.
feeling like sometimes my efforts are being wasted.
growing weary because of it.
pushing through those thoughts of doubt.
doing the best I can.

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