Monday, April 21, 2014

Fire Season 2014 | April Thoughts

Today is the start of another season for Berkeley. Today marks the beginning of his tenth year in one of the most deadliest jobs. Today also marks the first time in a long time I have been at peace.

It has been awhile since I just sat down and wrote or typed (so apologies if there are grammatical and spelling errors) and the overwhelming feeling I have right now is peace. I want to savor it. There was no fear or knot in my stomach as he got out of the car. There was no panic as  I drove away. It was as if I was simply dropping him of to get groceries. And boy, did that contented peace feel good.

With all the crazy that has surrounded us in the past year, it feels good to be able to rely on the unpredictable nature of his career. This is the one aspect of our life that can go any which way and most of those options I am prepared for. I am familiar with the feelings I am supposed to be feeling and it is nice knowing what may be in store. It is a reprieve from being in such a state of emotional flux.

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