Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little Things | 3.20.14

The last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind for me. Between my job at the ski resort, my job on the events ministry, being a webmaster, and various social commitments i have barely had a day to breathe. In fact, I think I have worked, in some capacity, every day since the 7th.

When things get so overwhelmingly busy the only thing that keeps me sane is focusing on the little things. 
It is the midday snowfall and quiet walks.
It's the special breakfast treats and sharing coffee on our days off. 
It is the feel and smell on new leather boots. 
It is the way I feel in my favorite pair of blue jeans. 
It is after work drinks, dinner, and card games with new and old friends. 
It is the culmination of all of life's little moments that make up for the rough days.
It is those little things that I am so very thankful for. 

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