Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weekly Links | 2/13

Before I get into the bulk of my not so important links, I want to talk about someone that is totally rad, wildland fire lady and badass Ashley! Ashe is running 12+ races of Half Marathon distance or longer in 2014 to raise money for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. So far this year, she has already run two half marathons, which makes my "two 5k's in a year" intention look pretty lame. Bottom line, she is awesome and you should head over to her blog. You can read more about her story here and follow her progress here.

This a cute and easy valentine craft. The possibilities for adult humor are endless!

I love this collection of historical images normalizing Breastfeeding. I mean look at all those ladies not giving a damn! It's awesome.

What happens when you take all kinds of drugs and create self-portraits during your highs? It may look a little like these.

16 Insane Facts About Making Everyday Products.

Shameless family promotion: Megan (my sister) just took a big step and opened a Storenvy shop! Check it out for some awesome crochet pieces.

With that I am off for the weekend. I am working my other job all weekend as well as puppy sitting. It will be a busy couple of days around here!

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