Thursday, October 31, 2013

Around Here

October has been an insanely busy month for us. Every week there is another thing added to the "To-Do" list and I feel like I am just barely able to catch my breath before the months are ending. The weather is quickly changing and soon we will be in a new home. I am going to miss my tree lined sunrise (like the one above obscured by lingering smoke) but it will be nice to live in a larger place and save some money by moving to the other side of town. 

In the midst of being busy, I have been working through more aspects of my grief. I think I spent a good part of September suppressing so much of what I have been feeling. Everyone else is making strides and I am just back here crying at every little thing. Depression stage of grief? Probably. 

The bright side is that we are moving along. We are pushing through. We are embracing good times with the people we love. We are making plans and living life and that is the best thing we can do. 

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