Thursday, August 15, 2013

Diablo Burger Flagstaff

What do you get when you mix a thick juicy burger patty with fresh local ingredients between a toasted english muffin, and serve them up on top of a basket of hand cut seasoned fries? The answer is simple: Diablo Burger! Named by USA Today as one of the best burgers in the country, Diablo Burger serves up unique burgers that are not only delicious but also healthy by using 100% grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef from just 40 miles southwest of Flagstaff. Even more so, all of the toppings offered are products of local and family owned businesses.
Strike another one off the Flagstaff Bucket List for this girl. This is the second time this summer I have enjoyed these delicious burgers. Back in July, the great people of Diablo Burger dropped off a box of the Monk burgers for us before the Benefit Concert. It was simply a bun, patty, and cheese. I am a toppings girl and never have I ever eaten a burger without lettuce, tomato, or condiments. I was blown away that a simply burger could hit the spot.

This time we made it to their adorably quirky location in Downtown Flagstaff and I opted in for the Big Daddy Kane. This beast was their signature patty topped with bacon, sharp cheddar, sliced pickles and the db special sauce. Boy was this burger big, even without lettuce and tomato that come on the side. To try to do these burgers justice by words would not be enough, so I just going to let this pictures do the talking. Just look at them and try not to drool.
When I first posted the photo of the Monk at the benefit, I got some questions about the pinkness of the meat. The standard is to serve up their meat at Medium Rare. I cringed the first time I heard it. I like my meat well done. When they were given to us at the benefit, I forgot and just dove in. Most of the time, I can taste a difference when meat isn't well done. All I tasted was an awesome burger. Now, if Medium Rare is just too much for you, they will cook your burger to whatever doneness you would prefer. And if gluten isn't your thing, they got you covered as well!
The all-natural, local-only approach is awesome but isn’t going to mean any thing if a restaurant can’t present a top notch dining experience. Hands down, Diablo Burger’s food is amazing, their staff is awesome, and they have all the details down pat. They are proof that craving a big juicy burger doesn't mean you have to settle for an unhealthy, greasy mound of over (or under) cooked, subpar hamburger on a soggy bun. So if you find yourself in Northern Arizona, or even down by Tucson, make a plan to stop by, devour a burger and fries, and tip the cow!


Caitlin A. said...

That makes me want a burger sooo much.

Ashley Armstrong said...

I have been craving them ever since I wrote up this post. If you are ever in Tucson or Flagstaff, definitely stop by there! They are soo good. My in laws got the gluten free buns and they were impressed.

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