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Project Life Update {3}: Capturing Disney Magic

So the conclusion to this epic week of Disney posts is how I incorporated this trip in my Project Life album for 2012. Our trip was over the end of week 46 and the beginning of week47. I took a different approach to this trip. Instead, doing a two page spread for each week and a separate album for our Honeymoon, I added in 4 inserts of different shapes and sizes over the two weeks.

**Edited:Week 46 started with a Design F page and when I first shared this post I had not finished all of the extras going in. Finishing this particular page was difficult because we didn't have very many photos from the days between the wedding and leaving for Anaheim. I did have the bottom row of pockets finished to document our travels. So that is where we started. I added two photos from the road. On the left side is a Project Mouse filler card that says "We are going to Disneyland". In the last pocket is a journaling card about our Friday night at the parks.

This is what that left hand side looks like now. I filled in those three empty pockets in the middle and covered the nasty photo of my injured foot. The additions were really straight forward. The quote card is outside of the pocket and flips up to show the photo of my foot as seen in the very first photo of this post. It also has some journaling about the little moments Berkeley and I had together as husband and wife in the week between our wedding and honeymoon. **

I started with a Design D page and cut off the pockets in the corner. I like this look for inserts. It shows the page or in this case pages behind it. I kept this intro page of sorts pretty basic with just photos, the "title card" and one of our tickets.

The next spread is the backside of that altered Design D page and a Design G page. The back of that Design D there is a lot of white. Part of that white is the back side of my ticket. I loved the see through effect of having my ticket floating on the front side of the page. I could have easily covered it to break up that block of white but that side of the ticket told its own story. This trip was the first time I ever went by Ashley Krueger and Disney requires a name on multi-day tickets.

I specifically used the G page because it is shorter than the rest. And when looking at it from the front of that altered D page, the layered look is great. In most of my big projects, I try to keep similar elements to tie all the pages together. In this case, all of the day to day journaling was done on plain 3x4 gridded journaling cards with a date stamp. 

The back of the Design G has photos exclusively from the new Radiator Springs area at California Adventure. We loved it and I had a lot to say. I made the above "insert" from some journaling cards from the Seafoam kit and washi tape. I also lightly stamped an R and S on the front card prior to adding the journaling. I tried my best to keep with the same products I used throughout the 2012's albums in this spread, but the yellow was perfect for Radiator Springs.

This insert is built on a Design B page. Although, the top has 3 4x6 pockets I did not like the way the three photos I wanted to use looked together. Instead of being restricted by the pockets, I cut some photos in half and used two 3x4's in some of the 4x6 pockets. This specific spread features photos entirely from different days throughout our trip. The "yes!" card has journaling about "doing Disney" during midday.

The rest of the pages for our trip are pretty straight forward. Nothing really new or inventive. Just the photos and words. Pay no mind to the "this week" card sticking up from the right side. It is meant for later in the following week but haven't figured out how to incorporate it yet.

This spread features photos from just nights in the park. For this particular trip we really had a lot more fun at night than we did during the day. There was a different dynamic when the sun went down and the lights came on. We had never been to the parks during Holiday Time and all the Christmas lights and festive decorations. The journaling card talks all about how Disney is always changing for me and that incompleteness being part of the magic.

This page is a Design C pocket page. It contains photos and journaling entirely from Sunday. Besides the journaling card for that days events, there was also a slip of paper that Berkeley added. It has a list of all the things we wanted to try to do before leaving. We made the list Sunday evening during our dinner. It was nice to have his handwriting in this spread.

This is the very last day we were at Disneyland. On the surface it looks the most straight forward and for the most part it is. There were a few stand out moments from that last day that I wanted shared so all of our photos are from those stories. We went to Big Thunder Ranch for their BBQ lunch. We grubbed and managed to eat all that food without getting a speck on our white shirts. This was also the day we did a lot of PhotoPass pictures.

The one little added thing to this page was me stitching a 3x4 pocket to the page. This pocket holds my journaling card for that day's details. The only thing it covers is the receipt from lunch instead of putting it over a picture. The technique is really simple and may be something I incorporate in the future.

Like all big trips, you usually end up with a lot of ephemera and extras. We had so much because I didn't know how I was going to tackle this trip in Project Life until we got home and I looked at what I had. To hold all the leftover stuff, I made a catch all page. The leftover stuff includes our maps and "entertainment" guides, extra photos, hotel key cards, our PhotoPass disc (which I highly recommend!) and Berkeley's ticket since mine is in a pocket at the beginning. We got "Just Married" buttons at the park that are also in there.

To make this pocket page, I used a plain 12x12 plastic and measured out the width. I used my sewing machine to run a basic stitch up the plastic a little bit wider than I needed. I cut the excess off. I then ran a zigzag stitch closer to my desired width. Since the first stitch was not pretty I covered it with washi. I intentionally made this large pocket big so that it had some give when I started adding the thicker items in.

Our Honeymoon trip coincided with our planned trip to visit Berkeley's family in Tucson for Thanksgiving. So we went from Anaheim to Southern Arizona. We did a lot of stuff while there as well. Since that was more day to day and I had a Design E, I made photo grids of 2x2 photos. Journaling is on Paislee Press cards.

My favorite is the map card though. I feel it ties all the different photos together. I took a screen shot of the map from Google Maps. I opened it up in PicMonkey and added the geotags since I still dont have PhotoShop. For our house and Berkeley's parents house I used a Kelley Purkey freebie. For Disneyland I used an arrow from Project Mouse. I printed it as a 4x6 and then used red embroidery thread and a basic hand stitch along our travel route from our place to Anaheim to Berke's parents place. I adhered it to piece of double sided patterned paper that I used as the start for December Daily.

So there it is! My 6 crazy spreads for our Disneyland road trip and beyond. If you made it this far thanks! And I really promise there won't be as many Disney posts until our next Disney adventure!

Project Life supplies: Binders, plastics, and 3x4 gridded journaling cards via the Becky Higgins Amazon StorefrontSeafoam Project Life Kit. *You Are Here and Magic Elise Joy stamps. Zig Dual Tipped Pen BlackStazOn Black InkPaislee Press printables. Smash blank and quote pads. Versamark White InkUni-Ball White Ink Gel Pen. Brittish Designs and Sahlin Studio's Project Mouse. American Crafts Getty letter Stickers.

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