Monday, March 25, 2013

Project Life Update {2}: Opening Pages

I am really liking sharing different ideas and techniques from my Project Life as opposed to focusing on sharing every week. Since I left Michaels, our lives have been a lot more predictable in the day to day, but it also leaves more opportunity for spontaneous fun stuff and social engagements. Let me just say that Michaels was slowly sucking the life out of me while I worked there.

Today, I am going to share the opening or cover pages of my albums. For both albums of both years, I took the same approach and the same style. While most people that do Project Life use the Design A pocket page, I like using Design F. It has one 4x6 landscape oriented pocket and the rest are 3x4 portrait.

So there are the 3 opening pages for the two 2012 albums and the one 2013 album. As I mentioned above, I like to stick with some of the same techniques/elements for my opening pages. 

Repeated Details
"Date Card": For the 4x6 pocket, I always add a Project Life title card that has year and months that each album covers. 2012 had both sides of a double sided cardstock from Michaels. More details can be found here. This year I used a date card from the Seafoam kit and wrote twenty thirteen in the label spot Once I decide how I want to split these albums, I'll go back and add the months above the year. 

K: Every year I add our last initial. The first one was just the letter K typed. The second was a Recollections sticker on glitter paper. The third is a little different. I started with a 3x4 from a Paislee Press bundle and used stamps and versamark white ink. 

Individual Photos. 

"Recap Card": These are 3x4 cards filled with journaling about where we are in life at the start of that album. The first two were just cardstock and a zig pen. The 2013 card is from the Seafoam kit. 

One Little Word: My decision to start Project Life came when I found myself working on several different albums that were only getting half filled. So this is a mix of my seasonal minibooks and my journey with One Little Word. Each opening page has a folded journaling card about OLW. It always goes in that lower left corner. The 2013 card is from the Seafoam kit. 

The Not so Repeated
Those five things fill more than half of the pockets. The first page, I was just starting out and had no idea what I was doing so the things added were random. For the second page, I had been working on Project Life for more than half of the year and I was more comfortable. I added the scrap card with all of the stamping, a card I added tape with our last initials to with the months on it, a quote card, and a 4x6 photo of us. 

For the 2013 page, the added cards were pretty simple. There are the two "A" and "B" cards next to our photos using the same stamp set and ink as the "k:2" card above. Both are from the Seafoam kit, as well as the "You Are Here" card. The last thing added was a photo of dawn breaking down the road from where we currently live. 

I like that all of my current cover pages feature a color scheme that ends up being repeated throughout the album as a whole. It is like a peak of what is to come. 

Project Life supplies: Binders, plastics, and 3x4 gridded journaling cards via the Becky Higgins Amazon Storefront. Seafoam Project Life Kit. Assorted Elise Joy stamps. Zig Dual Tipped Pen BlackMetallic Writer Silver and Gold. StazOn Black Ink. Paislee Press printables. Smash blank and quote pads. Versamark White Ink. Uni-Ball White Ink Gel Pen. 

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