Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life in this moment

As a blogger, I like to have my posts go live on a set schedule Monday through Friday with an occasional Saturday post. I like the routine. I like the consistency.

Over the last few months, a new routine has settled at our home. One that is much better than the set routine I want to have as a blogger. Right now, in this moment, I am sitting on our small couch wrapped in blankets right next to Berkeley. Most week days start out this way. With us spending our day near each other, chit chatting, sharing breakfast, and just enjoying our time.

That routine is so much better than me spending each morning or week night scrambling to get a post written in between spending time with Berkeley. With Fire Season fast approaching, (I mean how is tomorrow March already?!) I want to take full advantage of every moment I get to spend with him, especially since all signs are pointing to quite a busy season.

While I was struggling to get my blogging schedule to work around our schedule, I just need to be better about my post writing schedule fitting in with our schedule. It may mean some more delays. It may mean my posts are on the weekends, but I am okay with that.

I want to send out a huge thank you to Breanna from Sweet Silver Lining for sharing here yesterday! Please stop by her blog. Also, don't forget she was so awesome to offer the first five readers 50% VIP ad space. That's a 250X250 ad space for only $2.50!

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