Monday, February 11, 2013

Karma Sushi Bar and Grill

Last February (yes almost a year ago), I started a post about this awesome sushi and tapas place we had gone to. For whatever reason, probably turmoil at Michaels, other reviews, and life in general, I never ended up posting. Since then we have been to Karma more times than we have fingers on our hands, and it is about time to share this place.

In Flagstaff, there are a few different sushi places. For us, we try to stick to places where we either know the staff or have heard stellar reviews from several different people. Since Arizona is a landlocked state, I tend to be a snob about the seafood (especially having grown up on the coast). That is part of the reason we have stringent rules about where we eat our sushi. And to date, we have never been sick from seafood, unlike several others we know.

While we don't have any friends that work there, Karma is one of those places where people that work at the competing restaurants go to eat. We have also heard fabulous things from literally everyone we know. They used to be pricey, but they recently brought down their prices. Which is awesome because you really cannot go wrong with anything you eat there. Also, we have NEVER had poor service any of the many times we've eaten there.

Because of the quality anything you order there is probably going to be awesome! The calamari (above) which is tempura fried, piled high and served with a wasabi cocktail sauce, is our favorite starter and we order it every time we go. Other than the appetizers, we have only order sushi, but they have full dinners like Sirloin Steaks, Salmon plates, and Burgers. A full menu can be found here.

As far as sushi is concerned, we usually get a few Maki rolls from the sushi bar and then one or two signature rolls. Our favorites include the Kaptian Krunch with tempura crab, spicy lobster, avocado and cucumber topped with sweet sauce, and the Godzilla which is tempura lobster tail, avocado, cucumber and snow crab topped with spinach crunchies and sweet sauce.

On our most recent visit we fell in love with the Cyclone roll featuring albacore tuna, tempura asparagus, and red pepper. It was topped with fresh yellowtail, avocado, scallion and tataki sauce which is a mixture of soy sauce, garlic and onion. After just having this roll once, it has become my favorite. Unfortunately, it is a special and not on the menu.

If you find yourself in Flagstaff, I urge you to seek out Karma Sushi and Tapas. My only suggestion, especially if it is a weekend or holiday, GET A RESERVATION! This place is right on Rte 66 in Downtown Flagstaff and will be packed because IT IS THAT GOOD! I mean, their header has the "Best of Flagstaff" buttons on it for a reason.

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