Monday, February 18, 2013

$100 Target Gift Card

Can we talk for a second about how awesome Target is? I don't know what it is, but there is something about Target that sucks me in. Berkeley and I can spend hours just browsing the aisles of our local store. We start on one side and slowly make out way through most of the departments. And many times we end up coming home with some items we didn't know that we needed. A lot of our housewares come from there, and most of my wardrobe was purchased from the clearance racks. I can lose myself just looking through the clothes and home decor. I often wonder what would happen if I had a limitless gift card solely for Target! 
This month, I have joined together with Texas Lovebirds and some of her other February sponsors to give away Target Giftcard worth $100!! While it is not endless, it definitely could cover a lot of great items! Even if you hate Target, please be sure to check out Carly and some of the other bloggers that helped make this giveaway possible!
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This post is in no way sponsored by or affiliated in any way with Target. All opinions expressed are my own. Total value of the gift card was donated entirely by the people listed above.

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