Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Merry Christmas Happy New Year, Redux

Can someone please tell me where the last week vanished to?

Can someone please tell time to JUST. SLOW. DOWN. already?

The days and weeks seem to just be melting away. I feel like we should still be back at the week after Thanksgiving. I feel like we should just now be making Christmas plans. I feel like I am at least two weeks behind. I feel somewhat like I should be following the Julian calendar instead of Gregorian (which is approx 13 days behind).

If you do the math, or if you are a nerd like me and just know, you'll find that from now until the year 2100, January 7 is Christmas! In fact, many Eastern Orthodox churches still recognize the holidays as per the Julian Calendar. Since I feel so behind, I am embracing it.

I hope you all had a.... 
Merry Julian Calendar Christmas!!

Our holiday season was a little different than originally planned. And that is OK. I chose to participate in some swaps and giving opportunities this season. First, as I had mentioned around Thanksgiving, we gave a small amount of money to Operation: Delirious Angel give really awesome stuff to two kiddos for Christmas! Deanna did a great job picking out great things for Michael and Jessica. This was such a great experience and I think next year Berkeley and I will be

Next up was Secret Santa Swap hosted by Eloping Stethoscope and The Dreamy Meadow. I was Secret Santa to Kim from Chronically Kim. Her wish list contained coffee related stuffs and I was happy to oblige, as we love coffee here! I hope you enjoyed your gifts Kim.

My Secret Santa was Mia from Chronicles of Chaos. She did a fantastic job. I really didn't have anything that I really needed so I was somewhat stuck when it came time to fill in the "wish list" section. Mia was fabulous with her choices.

 First, were some cute ornaments. An adorable ceramic Santa, the perfect glittery owl, and a felt stocking were all hung with care and are taking up temporary residence in our little christmas tree! I would have been happy with just these ornaments. But there was something larger and even better in the box!

This bad boy has been keeping me busy for a few hours each morning. It was hard to put down and even harder to accept the fact that the book was over. Do any of you have that problem? I just loved this book! I love stories that told by intertwining the views/perspectives/lives of different characters. I am so thankful to Mia! 

The rest of Christmas included smoking a chicken, playing Monopoly, Christmas music, and lots of laughter, food, and wine! A look of our Christmas Day food stuffs is below:

Our celebrations started around 1pm when Berkeley got home from work. We started with some appetizers and finger foods to munch on while Berkeley smoked the chicken. I served up the "dip and chip" appetizers in a cute swirl lazy susan. On the side, there was also a baked brie and plain bread. 

Dinner had some of the same old players of salads, casseroles, and stuffings. Desert was a freezer pie. I figured since I was making 80% of Christmas dinner myself, I felt it was fine to get a pre-made, pre-cooked pie. 

It was so much fun making everything myself! It was awesome being able to pull together mine and Berkeley's likes, as well as our favorite dishes from each of our families, into a dinner we wanted to eat. A lot of the dishes I have not shared the recipes for on the blog yet. I do not want to bombard you with a ton of posts in one day so I have created a Christmas Menu Page. If you want to see the recipes all at once visit the page while I slowly make a post for each recipe. 

Since we are going back 13 days, you can still use the code NEWYEAR on all ad space options! Just click the sponsors tab, select an option, and enter the code to get 20% off. 

I hope everyone is having a great new year thus far!

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