Wednesday, January 16, 2013

7:30 am... January

The sun is just starting to rise above the horizon. The sky is mostly periwinkle. Just below is a small smudge of light pink. Then there is the intense goldenrod exploding out from behind the tree line. It is beautiful.

Ever since the new year began, I have been watching for these amazing sunrises. The slow fade of darkness to these pastels. Then all of the sudden light breaking. It is all over in 5 to 10 minutes. The swirling of blues, purples, and pinks with the vibrant bursting sun just beneath. Those five to ten minutes are some of the best moments of my day.

The world seems calm. The house is still. The room is still dark enough that the twinkle lights make the room have a magic glow. There is a low gurgle from the humidifier and faint whir of air purifier. There is a lull in traffic.

Most mornings, Pandora is the chosen companion. Occasionally, the heater tries to join in on the fun.

Sometimes there is coffee, or tea. Most mornings it is water. No breakfast yet. Sunday there were cupcakes. That was extra fun.

For almost 16 mornings of this new year, this has been the routine. The hour between Berkeley leaving for work and the sun saying good morning. This is becoming cherished.

A week ago, another component was added to this little pattern. Right as Berkeley starts to leave, the Morning Pages come out and I write for 20-30 minutes before settling in to my hour of magic.

Some days the hour is shorter than others. Some days the perfect mixture of pastels quickly fades to a more distinct soft yellow and dark blue. One morning the Pinks were fiery and sudden. Just as fast as they were there, all the beautiful colors were replaced by the dark heavy clouds from the next winter storm. Some days it is just the promise of the sun and really the big ball of gasses does not full come up for another 30 to 40 minutes.

Every day, there is a new sunrise with different traits to experience. To absorb. To appreciate.

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