Wednesday, December 12, 2012

El Guero Canelo - Muy Mucho Burro

On Monday I posted about the moment I had waited to have for nearly four years. My experience with El Guero Canelo's Sonoran Dog. Today, I am here to share another great option from the "Cinnamon Blonde"! (for explanation see this segment from Man v. Food

Please turn your attention to the Muy Mucho Carne Asada Burro!

That was a standard size plate on a normal sized food tray next to my 6-8 inch long Sonoran Dog. That burro is HUGE hence why there is no -ito at the end! Not only did we share this, we ended up with half of it leftover. 

This Muy Mucho was stuffed to the brim with cabbage, Mexican cheese, and, of course, carne asada! The meat was tender and juicy without being sopping wet with the greasy drippings. The cabbage was crisp. The cheese was in that in phase where the consistency between melty and solid. So good! As if this burro needed more flavor, El Guero Canelo offers an Avocado Crema that adds just a touch of avocado flavor and tang in a light cream sauce. 

As with most of my reviews, I like to address complaints that frequently come up on popular review sites. This time the complaint was that the burros "only" come with meat, cabbage, and cheese. First of all, what more do you need in a carne asada burro? If you really need extras, there is a large, and well stocked, salsa bar. Complete with pickled peppers, radishes and cucumbers, cremas, and salsas, this bar has everything someone would need to spice up this already flavorful burro!

Please, if you are in Tucson check out El Guero Canelo! Don't let the reviews on Yelp scare you away. I don't know any restaurants that can go from a tiny taco stand to multiple locations (like this place did) if the food isn't good and the service is bad. The location was spotless with several people bussing tables and wiping down the salsa bar. Despite being fairly busy we got our food swiftly and for a great price. As I mentioned Monday, Berkeley started going there not long after moving to Tucson in 1995. I highly recommend El Guero Canelo!

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