Friday, December 14, 2012

31 Things: Realization

Back in May, I signed up for a class with Big Picture Classes entitled 31 Things. It was a e-course with 31 days of writing complete with 31 daily prompts (it is now offered self-paced here). Every morning I woke up to an email with something new to write about. The idea behind the class was to make an album from it with the journaling and a picture or three to correspond to the story that day. I took a different approach to it. I started with a blank journal and a black pen.

After those 31 days were up, I put that journal down. It sat on the slide out tray of my "crafting" desk. It sat there untouched until just yesterday. Since I have been under the weather for over a week, nearly two, I have been lacking the creative flow and thus nothing really fun on the blog. I didn't have the energy to go through my cameras, upload them, and draft up recipe posts. I thought I could get back to that journal and post those stories I had always planned on sharing here.

I started leafing through the pages of that journal. I started reading the stories. I was blown away by what I wrote. Something I started on as a way to grow my willingness to journal about the ordinary and mundane, turned into something much deeper. As I started reading, I realized there were some really intense feelings being poured out. I realized that it was more than a superficial expansion on a vague topic. I realized why I was so willing to put that journal down and not touch it for 6 months.

I realized that I had 31 stories that delve deep into who I am and the worries/desires/dreams/struggles I carry around with me. I also realized that the stories in that journal are far too personal to share here.

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