Saturday, December 22, 2012

Currently... December

so excited that we have over a foot of fresh snow on the ground!
hearing the heater kick on way too frequently and wishing we had a fireplace.
still reeling from the horrific events in Newtown last week and praying.
lighting our Christmas lights early in the morning.
finding it hard to finish this quilt by Christmas.
appreciating every minute with Berkeley. 
choosing to overlook (most days) the fact that his winter job is now taking up more hours of the day than Fire Season did.
reading The Casual Vacancy thanks to an awesome Secret Santa.
planning out our Christmas menu. This is the first large holiday I will be hosting for other people. Although it is only four of us, I am a little nervous.
flip-flopping over big decisions we are making.
wishing we had our Christmas Tree. This got away from us this year. Hopefully it will be picked up tomorrow!
enjoying the season.
drinking lots of festive concoctions. Recipes and details to come. 
listening to Christmas Carols on Pandora.
making plans for movie dates.
cleaning the house like a crazy person and rearranging furniture.
missing my family like crazy.
cherishing loved ones.
wishing you and yours a happy holiday season!

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