Friday, November 23, 2012

Operation: Delirious Angel

I hop everyone had a super rad Thanksgiving holiday yesterday and did not end up eating too much. We had another great smoked turkey (one of these days I'll wrestle Berke into putting the process and recipe here) and a small spread since there were only 6 of us this year. Once the grandparents made it home safely, Kruegers busted out the board games and bottles. We all stayed up pretty late playing marbles (trouble meets parcheesi meets aggravation) and drinking wine, but that is what holidays are for am I right?

Right before crawling into bed around midnight, I got an email about something I had been wanting to participate in. Deanna over at delirious rhapsody is doing something I think is really rad. She is calling it Operation: Delirious Angel. The full details can be found on her blog, but in summation, she is taking donations via paypal to help out one of those little kids from the Christmas angels trees you see and pass by every year at the mall.

photo from Deanna's blog

Since we do not have a bunch of kids to buy Christmas gifts for yet, we thought it was a great idea. I also encourage some of our readers to head over to Deanna's blog and help out as well! I'll leave you all with this little snipet from Deanna' post:
"Maybe individually we can't afford to sponsor an angel, but together we can help make Christmas magical for a less fortunate child. Please open your hearts and wallets. Even just a couple bucks adds up! (And even if you can't monetarily contribute, maybe you could help spread the word about this project?)"

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