Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And We're off... sort of...

Today is supposed to be day 1 of our Honeymoon travels to Southern California and Disneyland. Long story short, we have not left yet and probably will not for a few days! During the few days surrounding the wedding, I did not rest or bandage my foot very much, as a result, my wound is not happy and is getting somewhat gross. Also, in typical wedding fashion, my period started right when we got to the hotel room after the wedding. The whole combination puts a small hinderance on walking around theme parks.

So for now, we are enjoying some down time at home. We are taking it slow, we're taking it easy on me. I have a few guest posts coming up in the next few weeks. As well as a few check ins here and there. I'll admit though, it might be a tad bit quiet here over the next few weeks as we just spend time together. Thanks for your understanding and support!

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