Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quilt by Christmas//Making a Plan

There are 10 weeks left until Christmas Day, I am no where closer to finishing this Quilt by Christmas project than I was when I started. Well, I have made some progress. I managed to lay out the scraps to see what I am working with. As mentioned previously, I am working with a lot of greens, blues, and a few purples. After organizing my haul from my grandma's stash, I took to Pinterest!

Here are images and links for the designs that are really piquing my interest:

Leslie Schmidt via Flickr
Bijou Lovely Herringbone Quilt 
Fresh Lemons Quilts Stacked Block

A Quilt is Nice Stacked! Quilt
 As far as quilting supplies go, it is just me, my sewing machine, scissors, thread. I really did not want to spend a lot of time recutting the strips I got into squares. I really liked the idea of using rectangles instead of squares and triangles. Over the next week, I will sit down and arrange and come up with a plan and pattern. I will make it work!

Confused by Quilts by Christmas? Check out Elise's blog post. Want to follow my progress? Click here.

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