Monday, September 17, 2012

La Bellavia Jose Eggs Benedict!

In August, I had brunch out with the ladies from church. The food was good but the waitress was horrid! Frequently, I referenced other places. Most specifically, I talked about my love for La Bellavia's eggs benedict, but I never seem to have my camera when we eat there. I finally had it this weekend when Berkeley's parents took me out and so here is the "official" review. 

You really cannot go wrong with any order from this place. We have been going here for over four years now! They have tons of different options but my number one favorite is the Jose Eggs Benedict. Two poached eggs, green chilies, tomatoes, jack cheese and their house hollandaise served traditionally over two english muffins. For most menu options you get the choice of pancakes or county potatoes. 90% of the time I got for the potatoes.

As you can see in the picture, this meal is just a plate full of deliciousness! The eggs are served with the veggies between the muffin and the poached egg with cheese on top and the hollandaise over that and more chilies on the very top. It is just amazing! When the eggs are broken, the flavors meld wonderfully together and provide an amazing sauce to dip the potatoes into.

Speaking of the potatoes, they are huge chunks of wonderfully seasoned potatoes. They are soft and light with a thin crisp from the skin. The whole mixture is just delicious and I can never get a photo of the plate when it is first served because I automatically want to dive in.

Other options of note are any one of their other 8-10 eggs benedict varieties, the swedish oat cakes, and the chorizo scramble. Also, if you are there early in the morning during the week that have a great early bird special!

Overall, we LOVE La Bellavia! If you look them up on Yelp there are still plenty of reviews about them that complain about the service. The building is historic and the space only has 15 tables, with half of them only fit for two. The location is central to the west side of Flagstaff, smack dab in the middle of historic downtown and the university campus. That being said, if you are trying to get a table on the weekend, be prepared to wait! Go in early on a Thursday morning and you can walk right in and sit down.

In the interest of full disclosure though, I will admit that this was the first time there was a problem. Unfortunately, the hostess decided to be inept this morning. Normally, I really respect servers. They deal with a lot and get a lot of crap, but having a substandard work ethic is unacceptable. This time, we only waited 25 minutes for a table, and most of that time was extra because the hostess didn't write our name down after asking it. Berke's mom even spelled it out for her. When we checked on the wait time, they acted as though we never put our name in. Berkeley's mom walked in and the girl instantly got embarrassed because she knew she screwed up. The rest of the breakfast went without incident.

I will ALWAYS recommend La Bellavia! They have been around forever and serve great food! If you are up this way, be sure to stop by, especially if its an early weekday morning.

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