Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Funday//Search Word Analysis

I am not someone that really checks my blog stats and takes them seriously. One thing I do really take note of is the Keyword Analysis section, but only because I find it completely hilarious some of the things people search for. Not all are inaccurate or surprising but every now and then there are a few gems. Here are some funnies from the past few weeks:

Ghostbusters Wedding
Sounds like quite the wedding, too bad I have no Ghostbusters stuff anywhere in my wedding planning. Maybe it was the horrible dress I tried on back in March! I am glad that awful thing was good for something. Thanks for stopping by "Ghostbusters Wedding" person from Vegas! Hope your wedding is awesome!
Image source: Flickr
Sore Wedding Design
Not exactly sure where "sore" comes from, but I do have plenty of wedding details and design going on. Maybe people don't like wedding details or the stuff I have been making for the wedding?

Sketchings of a Girl
I don't sketch and I don't really draw so this is ones really perplexing to me.

Libby Krueger
There are a few search results for people's names followed by their location. Most of these people I have never referenced by full name or listed their place of residence (until now). The one that shows the most searches is Berkeley's mom's. When 90% of my keyword searches are related entirely to my blog content, it is kinda funny to see people's names pop up.

A small list of random search topics that really have no relevance to most of my postings here. I am really loving that people have Ghostbuster themed weddings!

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